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Concrete Testing Equipment from Humboldt Mfg. Co.

Humboldt Mfg. Co. is your headquarters for all your concrete testing needs. Our complete line of equipment includes cube molds, digital calipers, tensile and cube testing sets, consistency testers, prism molds, comparators, flow tables, permeability apparatus, turbidimeters, calorimeters, tube samplers, specific gravity flasks, cement bleeding and water retention apparatus, volumetric flasks, concrete mixers, cylinder molds, depth gauges, ACME penetrometer, scratch hardness testers, pycnometers, air entrainment testers, pressure meters, air indicators, penetration apparatus, slump cones and test sets, beam testers, curing tanks, vertical cylinder cappers, compression testers, compressometers, Benkelman Beam, concrete test hammers, probe kits, hygrometers, rebar locators, and pulse velocity testers.

Press-Ur-Meter H-2786

Press-Ur-Meter, Type B, H-2786

The Humboldt Press-Ur-Meter, Type B Air Meter is ideal for field and lab determination of air content, specific gravity, and free moisture test of aggregates. The H-2786 saves time, reduces water use, ensures accuracy, and maintains sample integrity (sample may be used for both slump and compression tests).

Featured is a built-in all brass H-2785.DB super pump, all necessary accessories for calibration and running entrained air test, plus wood carrying case.

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Slump Cone Test Set H-3635

Slump Cone Test Set, H-3635

Humboldt Slump Cone Test Sets are used for determining the consistency of freshly mixed concrete. The slump cone is filled with layered fresh concrete with tamping to remove voids between layers. The slump is then measured after the cone is removed.

The H-3635 set includes: H-3636 Base Plate, H-3638 Funnel, H-3639 Brush, H-3640 Slump Cone (standard steel), H-3651 Tamping rod w/ 6" scale on handle, H-3731 Scoop. Components are also available separately.

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Profometer 5 Rebar Locator H-2981

Profometer 5, Type S Rebar Locator, H-2981

The Profometer 5 Rebar Locator uses a single probe with push-button range selection to determine location and orientation of rebar, concrete cover over rebar and rebar diameter. It also stores individual cover values and statistical evaluations. Software included allows porting of information to computer for analysis and printing.

Includes universal probe, probe cable, data transfer cable, ProVista data transfer/display software, headset, carrying strap, carrying case and manual.

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Type N Schmidt Hammer H-2975

Standard Concrete Test Hammer, Type N, H-2975

The Original Schmidt Test Hammer, Type N, displays rebound values on a mechanical sliding scale. The H-2975 is the most frequently used device and method for non-destructive strength testing of concrete and structural components. The spring-driven hammer determines when forms may be removed, and assesses freezing or fire damage to structure.

It uses impact to concrete at a defined energy to determine compressive strength. Includes rubbing stone, carrying case and instruction booklet with conversion charts.

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